Things to Do in the Area


Debegeni Falls

  • Discover the Debegeni Falls Listen to the sound of water running over ancient rocks. This magical waterfall in a forest is a lovely way to while away a few hours

Wegraakbosch Farm

  • Say cheese Take a tour of the mountain’s organic cheese farm at Wegraakbosch. From cow to curd, there are no pesticides or preservatives used. End off your tour with a glass of wine and a cheese platter overlooking the mountains.

James Ndlovu

  • Meet the people Natural-born raconteur James Ndlovu will take you on a tour of a nearby village to meet the locals, visit a school, consult a sangoma (traditional healer) and eat delicious local fare

wonderful trails

  • Take a hike There are some wonderful trails in and around the area, and we will advise you on the best routes and strolls

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